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Fireplace switch

Fireplace Switch

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The Control4® Wireless Fireplace Switch makes it easy to integrate control of standard gas fireplaces into any Control4 system. Enjoy fireplace control from any room in your home, and integrate your fireplace into a ‘wakeup’ or ‘goodnight’ scene. The Control4 Wireless Fireplace Switch is perfect for extending control to any standard gas fireplace.

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Product Description

  • Energy Management—Make your fireplace an automatic part of your HVAC system to provide additional heating beyond your HVAC system capabilities.
  • Personalized Control—Enjoy romantic evenings when your fireplace is part of a pre-determined lighting scene.
  • Remote Management—Control the fireplace from any Control4 user interface whether you’re in the next room or the next state with 4Sight or a MyHome license.
  • Flexible—Supports most standard gas fireplaces.