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  • Dune HD Smart H1

    Dune HD Smart H1

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    Dune HD Smart H1 is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (1080p) video playback.

  • EL1000B Camera

    EL 1000B Bullet Camera

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    EL-1000B is a WideLux WDR camera that specially designed for the professional Day/Night surveillance with 2D/3D adaptive noise reduction filter and Highlight Eclipse technology built-in.

  • EL2000B

    EL-2000B Bullet Camera

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    EL-2000B – Specially designed professional day/night surveillance camera achieves WideLux WDR performance and Intelligent IR image compensation.

    Super high resolution quality of the EL2000B shows excellent performance of sensitivity in low light conditions and enhances the resolution up to 690HTVL.

  • EL3000N CAMERA

    EL3000N Bullet Camera

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    EL3000N – Auto Focus Zoom lens built-in day/night camera is specially designed for the Professional Day/Night surveillance With built-in 12x(f3.8~45.6mm)optical zoom and Digital 32x zoom function, the camera provides 384 times of zoom capability

  • EL900VLB

    EL9000VLB Bullet Camera

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    The EL-9000VLB camera’s intelligent design
    incorporates a 10m PIR sensor with built-in visible
    ‘White Light Emitting Diodes’. The LED’s actively
    illuminate when motion is detected by the PIR sensor
    flooding the area with bright white light. The effect is
    excellent delivering improved night-time viewing
    combined with a spontaneously activated visual deterrent.

  • EthernetSpeakerPoint

    Ethernet Speaker Point

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    The Control4® Speaker Point delivers digital music to any room from any audio source. With both Ethernet and WiFi capabilities, the Speaker Point is ideal for those wanting to add music zones and for retrofit situations where pulling speaker wire through walls is impractical.

  • Fireplace switch

    Fireplace Switch

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    The Control4® Wireless Fireplace Switch makes it easy to integrate control of standard gas fireplaces into any Control4 system. Enjoy fireplace control from any room in your home, and integrate your fireplace into a ‘wakeup’ or ‘goodnight’ scene. The Control4 Wireless Fireplace Switch is perfect for extending control to any standard gas fireplace.

  • hc250

    HC-250 Controller

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    The HC-250 delivers instantaneous control at an exceptional value. Its sleek design and small form-factor make it ideal for single-room control systems, universal remote replacements or as a way to deliver on-screen control to every television in larger residential or light commercial installations. A powerful 1GHz processor running the Control4® award-winning operating system delivers instantaneous, interactive control and makes the HC-250 a versatile and powerful player in any control system.

  • ICR100

    ICR100 Bullet Camera

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    The ICR100 is an entry level day/night IR weatherproof bullet camera. Utilizing a 3.6mm lens and 30ft IR range, this camera is ideal for most indoor and outdoor applications. Split glass lens assists in proper IR dispersion for clear nighttime video.

  • ICR150

    ICR150 Bullet Camera

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    This is ICR’s most versatile camera. It can be used in almost any applications, indoor or outdoor. It is IP55 and fully weather and crush resistant. It possesses the latest in IR (infra-red) technology, with its blue long range IRs capable of seeing in 0 lux up to 60 feet.

    It has a built in audio microphone, easy top or bottom mount as well as a removable sun shield. The ICR IR150 comes with a SONY 1/3 inch high resolution sensor that provides 600 lines of resolution.